Certain patterns that creates certain ideas. The mind is talking. Maybe it is possible to look at the well known subjects from a different perspective? I know, it is.

Global warming as an acceptable process, the world is just altering another space. The end is also the beginning. The nation of warmed up people. Nature within us.

* Exposition made at the beginning of the summer of 2015 in some cosy flat of Barcelona.

The same story, the same substance. A wine glass filled with water. The glass that moves in a time. Sound as an unifying force. Reprogramming of the information.



These are my friends and colleagues. Pattern that represents the relationships, emotional interactions and my imaginary friendship connections of these people. Each group interacts diferenly. Together they are making a certain system. If you know how it works, you can operate with it, It’s very simple.

Every photo contains a certain information and history. Changing the order gives me an option to play with this information. It's a game of the life.

"Collection of the human species"

Personification. Man as the rock. Each has a different characteristics, a different source. Temporary places and temporary people, coming and going, leaving the traces. Witch ones do you choose?

„Plastic mountains”


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"Collection of the human species"

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