Elza Niedre


Kad nostājies savienībā pati ar sevi un saprotot iegūsti īstākās atslēgas – pasaules vārti atveras. Tur ir viss un nekas. Tieši tas, kas tev vajadzīgs.

Dzīves līkločos plūstošais laika rits, kas ieausts esības rakstā, stāsta, ka paļauties laiks.

Latviskais pasaules kods, kas izpauž tevis pašas radītu esību.

Un kas atrodas tavā pūra lādē?

Integrētā patībā,

Cēloņu un seku likumsakarībā, stabilitātē, spēkā un realizācijā

Naturālās skaņas ieskāvumā

Tu pati sev.


When you enter into a union with yourself and, by Understanding you get to the most real keys - the gates of the world open. There is everything and nothing. Exactly that what you need.

The scroll of time flowing in the twists and turns of the river of life, woven into the pattern of existence, tells us that it is time to confide.

Latvian code of world that reveals your own created existence.

And what is in your dowry chest?

In an integrated sense,

In the regularity of causes and consequences,

In the stability, force and realization,

Surrounded by natural sound -

You to yourself.


"A story is a movement not only to an unknown, unfamiliar, strange point, but also to a point which does not seem to have the slightest reality, either before or outside of this movement, and which, moreover, is so domineering that only through it does the story acquire its own. magic, as it cannot begin until it has reached this point; but only the story and its unforeseen movement also create a space where this point becomes real, mighty and attractive. ”

/ Morris Blanche

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