Elza Niedre

Atkal un atkal,
mūžīgā spirāles kustībā
eju cauri ugunij,
lai kārtējo reizi
pārtaptu jaunajā esībā

* Izvilkums no 40min garas video performances


Over and over again,

in eternal motion of spiral

I go through the fire,

to once again

transform myself into a new existence

* Excerpt from a 40min long video performance


"A story is a movement not only to an unknown, unfamiliar, strange point, but also to a point which does not seem to have the slightest reality, either before or outside of this movement, and which, moreover, is so domineering that only through it does the story acquire its own. magic, as it cannot begin until it has reached this point; but only the story and its unforeseen movement also create a space where this point becomes real, mighty and attractive. ”

/ Morris Blanche

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